Since 1949 in the textile world: INDUSTRIA TESSILE BERGAMASCA

Since 1949 in the textile world and since 1978 in Cene (Bergamo – Italy), the Bosio family with the Company I.T.B. – INDUSTRIA TESSILE BERGAMASCA srl, decided to focus its energies on SPINNING CARDED WOOLLEN PROCESS.

In that year it was purchased a section inside the Cotonificio Val Seriana – Cotonificio Pietro Bellora / Plant of Cene-Gazzaniga, historical Italian textile Company.

The purchase involved the cottons spinning room “America” and turned by I.T.B. into a long staple carded spinning plant for wools and synthetic/artificial fibers.

At first the plant was dedicated only to the production of big title yarns suitable for blanket weavings; later it was extended to other sectors related to the yarns used.

TodayI.T.B. - Industria Tessile Bergamasca is able to offer its customers, single head carded yarns, double wick yarns and twisted yarns in two or more heads (ordinarily up to four), while the range of titles is included between Nm 800 (Ttex 1250) and Nm 5000 (Ttex 200).

The raw materials used are from Australian, New Zealand and European wool to the synthetic fibers, fireproof synthetic and performance synthetic, up to the artificial fibers and in batches in intimate mixture with linen and silk blend.

The yarns manufactured are intended for the production of blankets, woolen clothes, felts, furnishing fabrics, textile floor coverings (e.g. moquette), knitting and filtering systems.

Industria Tessile Bergamasca Industria Tessile Bergamasca Industria Tessile Bergamasca