Processing includes as reference fibers:

Australian and New Zealand wool:

known for consistent quality, vast fields of application and satisfaction of end users. Wool can be both raw and dyed depending on the customer’s instructions, or upgraded with fire-retardant, anti-moth, anti-acarus and antibacterial treatments.

Synthetic Fibers

such as Acrylic, ModAcrylic, Polypropylene, Polyester and Nylon™, both row and colored (in paste or staple). Usually used in ranges of fineness between Min 3,3 dTex and Max 16 dTex).

Flame Retardant Synthetic Fibers

such as Modacrylic, Polyester and fireproof treated wool, indispensable for all those applications where safety plays a main role in the choice of the product. Within this sector are also worked fibers Index LOI (Limit Oxygen Index) in order to obtain fireproof blankets of “Class 1” (as approval of the Ministry of Interior), necessary to satisfy the safety requirements for fireproof of tourism and health hospitality areas (communities, hotel accommodation sector, retirement homes, hospitals, clinics), for naval supplies, contract and “room management” through industrial laundries.

Special Performance Synthetic Fibers

containing extruded copper or silver, used for special applications such as synthetic fabrics intrinsically electro-conductive (e.g. discharge of electrostatic energy in controlled atmosphere rooms).

Artificial Fibers

Rayon in different productions and colors.

The fibers can be processed in purity batches or mixed each other.

The percentages of fiber content, titles, colors and additional treatments (flameproof, anti-moth, anti-acarus, antibacterial), are agreed with the customer according to precise specifications.

In addition to these, on customer request, the spinning mill makes in processing also batches linen and silk blend, treated exclusively in compositions mixed in intimate with wool and similar synthetic fibers.

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