I.T.B. - Industria Tessile Bergamasca, is equipped with two lines of SPINNING CARDED WOOLLEN MACHINERY.

The purpose of the wool spinning is, summarily, to realize a batch of yarn with features as homogeneous as possible for: composition, color, title, twisting, cleanliness, softness, strength, toughness and flexibility.


The spinning preparation is made with opening machine, carding willow and pneumatic system of dampening/wetting, while the withdrawal from storage cells is done by incoming mill.

Preparazione Lana

Cardatura Lana


For carding are used two sets of automatic carding assortments, each stocked with three groups of carding cylinders;


Spinning is carried out with ring spinning machines while the quality control and the production of the bobbins (on demand also for dyeing) is carried out:

  • by automatic winders;
  • with yarn junction without knots, knotfree, thanks to the use of heads with Thermosplicerâ„¢;
  • with quality control, for elimination of defects with yarn clearing system LOEPFE YARN MASTERâ„¢.

Macchine Lavorazione Lana Macchine Lavorazione Lana


The offer is completed with twisted yarns up to the title Nm 1000 (Ttex 1000). To carry out these processes, our plant is equipped with doubling and twisting machines with high gauge, in order to be able to work yarns also in PPL, without problems of plasticization by friction.


The firm relationship of trust established with a dyer of high competence, allows to dye staple batches according to precise customer specifications. It is also possible to work the fibers with the different treatments:

  • whitening;
  • softening;
  • flame retardant;
  • against moth;
  • anti-acarus;
  • antibacterial.

For maximum flexibility in the output of the yarns, can be prepared batches of raw yarn on cones for dyeing and personalized in micro-lots, to allow an eventual subsequent coloring.

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